Cold-pressed Almond Nut Milk Set

Cold-pressed Almond Nut Milk Set

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4 Bottles Set - Cold-pressed Almond Nut Milk

Cold-pressed almond nut milks are prepared from raw almonds that have been activated for juicing. Almond nuts help build strong bones and teeth, lower bad cholesterol, enhance brain functions and reduce risk of heart attacks. Suited for those with lactose and soy intolerance, but not for those with nut allergies. All blends of nut milks come with Banana, shot of Honey and Almond Nuts. Freshly-made with no added preservatives.

3 flavours:

  • Honey Nut Banana
  • Cocoa Nutmilk
  • Cinnamon Nutmilk

Choose the combinations you desire for 4 bottles.

For Order;

• 1 set (4 bottles), 300 ml each
• $30 for 1 set. $15 delivery charge, No delivery on Sundays and public holidays. (Within Singapore delivery only). Service consultant will contact you for delivery schedule and combination preference.
• At least 2 days advance notice

• T&C apply

Keep your juices/nut milks refrigerated and consume within 24 hours